So, in my world, it’s the end of month.  It is a time when the cupboards are barren and the bank account is a few cents above a dreaded negative balance.  This happens almost every month.  It sucks.  Part of me really feels that social assistance for persons who are disabled needs to really start taking income support seriously.




As one counsellor said to me, “It’s 2015 and you live in Canada.  You should not have to go hungry.”

But I do.  And from recent conversations, I’m not the only one.

I admit, I’m a bit of a nerd and love to get on Reddit and discuss economic ideas and such.  But really, that’s just entertainment.  When you feel hunger pain, the will to argue falls by the wayside.  I personally resort to sleeping through the hunger episodes until payday.

I realize, though, that I do live in Canada, and my experience of hunger is not comparable to other places on our planet.  And it’s been noted that there is more than enough food to feed the entire planet, but that greed and protectionism do not endorse such a radical idea as everyone going to bed properly nourished.




What are the basics in life?  Food, shelter, water, air, clothing… Maslow called these are deficiency needs.  Basically, our basic physiological needs must be met before we can purpose our higher needs and explore our self-actualizing potential.

The policymakers and the government accountants, not to mention the grocery chains, don’t seem to care to adequately address problems of hunger, problems of homelessness, problems of clean drinking water, problems of co2 emissions.

If I ever need to see a picture of such willful destruction and ignorance, I am reminded of the oil fields set ablaze during the Gulf War.




Personally, I cannot feel okay about people going to bed with hunger pains.  It’s perhaps one of the issues I would align myself with.  I feel passionately that food and what we put into our bodies and the availability of it, should be a fundamental and prioritized right of all beings.

There is a quote from Gandhi that is carved into a rock in New Delhi.  It reads:




“Before you do anything.  Think of the poorest person you’ve ever met.  Ask yourself if what you are about to do will help them.  Then decide what to do.”


Tell me.  Is a world where no one hungers a possibility in our lifetime?

Centuries from now, will hunger pain seem like a laughable impossibility?


5 thoughts on “Hunger”

  1. It’s such a debilitating feeling living between when money is coming in after its all been drained out (for us it’s paycheck to paycheck: also known as purgatory in our house!). It made me feel very sad reading this xx

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    1. Aww… I didn’t want to make you sad! I think that really we do live in a flawed world, but there’s hope (on my chipper days ha ha) and I really feel that some of the best times of peace are when I have just what I need and nothing more — and a lot of that has been pay cheque to pay cheque… money can be a stress if you have too much or too little, I find. But really, money isn’t the cure to hunger and basic needs, and hopefully policymakers and advocates will change their way of thinking and their beliefs about others to promote a quality of life for all

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      1. I grew up in Australia, which has a similar system to Canada but I live in the USA now and the system here is a bit more brutal. As a result of this brutality I feel like people help each other more, there is more compassion & understanding for people who can’t work because of disability or whatever…human kindness can go a long way: people are generous here, if they think you don’t have food they will bring it to you. I never really witnessed that in Australia because everyone just assumes the government will take care of the disabled/disadvantaged and that no one can possibly go hungry – does that make any sense? I know that compassion etc doesn’t solve things like food insecurity long term but it does open ones eyes up. (Also, I have to point out that in Australia we spell it “cheque” also, but here it’s spelt “check”…I change the spelling depending on who I am taking to lol). Everyone deserves a decent of life xxxx

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      2. Yay, Australia! Which part? Canada and Australia have very close ties. So you ended up in America? That’s quite the change, I imagine. It is really encouraging to hear that people show each other compassion and look out for one another It is good to see real community coming together. I think that the State has a role to play, but it really works best with everyone participating. Hugs!

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      3. I completely agree – everyone must participate xx I grew up on a farm in NSW, but have lived all over Australia. I’m a bit of a gypsy 🙂 I had a quick visit to Canada a few years ago, it really reminded me of Australia – except for the part where I almost froze lol hugs back!!!


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