Are You Buying?



It really is that simple; Are you buying?  Buying what?  This post is about that feeling that you are always being sold something.  Maybe it’s an idea.  Maybe it’s an online service.  Maybe it’s dinner.  Maybe it’s the Pandora’s box of sensual delights that will transform you into an ego-tripping love hustler.

What does this have to do with mindfulness?  A lot!   A key component to any mindful moment is seeing things for what they are.  Maybe you are shopping, but maybe you aren’t.  Maybe, you are being told what will give you your finally perfect egoic identity.  Maybe, just maybe, you can spot the pitches and shut them down.

The truth is that that this moment contains all that you need.  If you need answers, are you honoring your inner Buddha?  Or, are you going to Google?

If you need love, are you opening your heart to others or are you looking for the best transaction that you might qualify for either in the bar or on Ashley Madison?

If you wish to learn — who are you allowing to teach you?

I am sure you recognize that there are legitimate assaults on your sensibilities.  I notice the targeted marketing that overwhelms my email, that informs the advertisements when I use a search engine, and that really is spreading like a wild fire throughout our world and the experience we have of living.

The single most dangerous idea out there is that you are incomplete and that you can become complete by doing more, buying more, practicing more, meditating more, praying more, and so forth.  This includes all the things you are told to do less of:  smoke less, drink less, sleep less, eat meat less, weigh less, stress less, trust less, love less.  Take a moment to think about ways in which you’ve been given a message along these lines.  Sure, it’s easy to say, “smoking less is actually going to be good for me”, but is that all that you are buying?  What suggestion comes next?  Soon enough, have you enslaved yourself to some product or healthy living ideology and consented to giving away your sovereign choices over your own body?

I don’t mean to be alarmist.  Certainly, being reactionary toward all these pitches defeats the benefits of being open, authentic, and objective.  Reacting is not mindful.  Responding, or not responding, is a choice that honors truth, your values, and doesn’t treat the external world as a predator.

I am sure this post has given you a lot to think about.  If there is a single take away, it is this, you are being sold things and you can bring your consciousness to this.  Yo can make decisions that reflect your true nature and expose the delusions of not being enough, of the compulsive need for more, the obsessive anxiety for less, and the ultimate lie that you don’t have the answers.

You are sufficient in whatever form you are taking.

You have everything you need for this moment.  May the riches come forth from your heart.

Don’t worry about living a perfect life.  Just live a life; don’t overthink it.  Nobody get’s out alive!







5 thoughts on “Are You Buying?”

  1. In many ways we have allowed our desires and all these things that we’re being sold take over our lives. We feel like we need to know when the next email chimes in on our iPhones, we impulsively binge-watch TV shows on Netflix as a way to give us company, and we’re always looking outside of ourselves to fulfill our inner needs.

    Ultimately, I agree that all answers lie within, but it’s a matter of learning how to uncover and clean out all these prejudices/products/ideas/habits that we’ve gathered over our lives.

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    1. Great examples. I wonder how many people feel like slaves to their phones? I tried Netflix for a few months and I actually started to feel pretty stressed to keep up with all the shows. There definitely is a lot of external searching, for what, must ultimately, come from within.

      And you are quite right, just as we’ve been ‘programmed’ into this insanity, we need to gently challenge these ideas and ideals and find a simpler, authentic past. We’re all either moving toward consciousness or away from it, and it’s great to make a choice that is ultimately far more human.


      1. I think a lot of us, especially in this era, have become slaves to our phones. Slowly, it has taken over every aspect of our lives – from messaging to alarms to maps.

        I used to be a huge Netflix and Hulu watcher, but exactly like you said, after a while it became just too overwhelming, stressful, and I realized it wasn’t even bringing me joy.

        Consciousness is definitely something that we can hope to expand through meditation!


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