Yep, just a one word title for today.  This post is about bread.  I have spent the past half hour unmindfully trying to find a specific quote about freshly baked bread.  I didn’t end up finding it.

The quote was something to do with the joy of creating and sharing and generosity.  It was something about the look in a hungry man’s eyes when you give him the bread that you just baked with your own two hands.

So, I am kind of laughing at myself for getting so wound up looking for a quote, that really is about the power of simple things in life.  And that’s why I am writing about bread.

Bread is simple.  Flour and water.  Add a pinch of salt and yeast.  Bam!

When I think of the many times I have baked a loaf of bread, I realize that such a simple thing, is also really complex.  How many times have I had loaves come out as bricks and fail to rise?  How many times was there that bit of center of the bread that was still dough-y.  Making a loaf of bread has it’s challenges!

And yet, think of your life.  Think of all the little things and all the big things.  Think of your calendar and your contact list.  Think of that new parenting technique or if you should change majors.  Think of that friend — that relative — that you love, but you just can’t stand.  Think of it all and let it go.

We understand quite a bit about the complex problems we find in our lives.  We find mastery through our planning, our testing, our suffering, our personal appeal to the peanut gallery.  Now I ask, can you bake a loaf of bread?  And, if you can, does it always come out perfect?  It’s something so simple and ancient and wise.  We take it for granted.

So my mindful message for today is to encourage you to bake bread.  Whether it’s your first time or you are a pro, bake a loaf with your own two hands.  Inhale that wonderful smell!  Maybe you can even give the loaf away as a gift, or maybe you’ll grab some butter and give yourself a gift.




3 thoughts on “Bread”

    1. Aw thanks! I guess it’s true that me just being me is a good thing. When I hit the submit button I was very self-critical, and I’m really happy to see a lot of people have liked it. I always like hearing from you — your blog is one of my favourite reads 😀 Have a great weekend!

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