Get a Hobby



I often do two things:

  1.  Tell everyone to get a hobby, and

  2.   Feel a sense of anxiety for people who claim not to      have any hobbies


You could call me a hobbyist.  I have many interests and activities that I find pleasurable that I fill my days with.  Having physical and mental health limitations has meant that I actually have time for quite a number of hobbies.



I play guitar, write songs, and have learned how to produce music in a home studio


Other times, I write.  I’ve since stopped; am I cured?national-poetry-month_inspirational-quote_typewriter-poetry_facebook_30


I have enjoyed the more tactile crafts



And I spend a good deal of time researching 20th century deep politics


I haven’t even really scratched the surface, but those are a few.  Each of my hobbies adds something to my life in a different way.  I believe — on the whole — that they give me depth and texture.

Everyone should have a hobby, but some people claim that they don’t.  I met a woman who claimed not to have any hobbies.  In fact, she claimed that she didn’t do ‘anything’. . She didn’t cook.  She didn’t clean.  She didn’t have a favourite television show, movie, or genre of music.  Her partner, on the other hand, was a fishing enthusiast, weekend car mechanic, and loved taking his nieces and nephews for outings or playing video games with them.

Who do you think was happier?  Why?

When people do things that make them feel good, like a hobby, it activates an area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens that controls how we feel about life

– Dr. S. Ausim Azizi, chairman, department of neurology, Temple University School of Medicine, PA

The definition of ‘hobby’ is ‘an activity pursued in spare time for pleasure or relaxation. The word originates around the 13th century from ‘hobbyhorse’ which either referred to an actual tiny horse or a child’s rocking horse.  The connecting notion being “activity that doesn’t go anywhere.”

In our world, hobbies can get a bad rap.  Some people avoid them because they are often a money-pit and don’t create a profit.  Others look down on hobbies because they claim that they are too busy and have more meaningful duties that they are preoccupied with.  Such martyrdom!  Common sense easily argues that this is poppycock.

One of the great things about hobbies is that they get you to DO something.  They take your focus off the problem loving mind.  When I’m absorbed in playing guitar, I am not thinking about my diseases or needing to use self-talk techniques to combat depression.  I am, if you will, in my happy place.

Do you have a hobby?

Is there something that interests you that you keep hoping to get into?



😀  Here are some suggestions if you are stuck:














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